A Sneaky Parenting Hack for Clipping Children’s Toenails

Do you also find clipping your children’s nails a total disaster? Check this out!

Whether you’re a new parent or not, trimming your children’s toenails is one of the tasks with overwhelming difficulty, especially when you’re dealing with babies! Given that children are playful at most times, this could lead to cuts. They also cry whenever you scoot them on your lap, leaving them to act in a limited manner. But don’t worry, here’s a handy trick for you right here to prevent that disaster! Let them fall into their deep slumber, and you now have the time to trim those sneaky toenails!

Are you willing to try this? Here are some tips to do it efficiently!

  1. Wait for their naptime. Make sure that your child is already in deep slumber; this is to avoid the chances of them waking up.
  2. Prepare all the tools you’ll need. A good pair of baby nail clippers, a soft emery board, and in case you’ll be needing an extra visual of those cute toenails, have a flashlight ready.
  3. Sneaky Mode On! Use slow and soft movements and approach quietly. You don’t want them waking up in the middle of trimming!
  4. Trim carefully. Slowly lift their feet and start trimming. Be cautious, pause for any movement, and make sure they go back to their deep slumber.
  5. Always check! Most parents forget this last part, especially when children are already awake by the end of trimming, but please avoid this. Always check for any rough edges and use the emery board to smooth them down. Also check for any hangnails since this may leave them uncomfortable.
  6. Reward time! If your children wake up on their slumber after the trim, give even just a small reward to make a positive association and appreciate their cooperation, this will create a positive establishment with nail trimming and help you in future sessions.

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