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GirlDad Hacks: Putting Together Memories with Your Little Chef Through Cooking

Do you have little chefs with you who tag along in the kitchen whenever you cook? Or do you let Girl Mom do the cooking? Either way, don’t miss out on teaching your children the adventures of cooking, or if you don’t know it, this can be a great time for you and your kids to learn! Here are some tips for you to get ready to create delicious memories and lifelong cooking skills with your children!

  1. Ensure their safety. Before anything else, teach them the need to be safe whenever they are in the kitchen. Guide them in handling sharp objects, as much as possible let them use the tools appropriate for their age, and always make clear to them that the stove is off-limits.
  2. Begin with Easy recipes. You can start with kid-friendly recipes like pancakes, homemade pizza, or muffins. These recipes are a great way to start learning the basics of cooking.

3. Let them be involved. Children enjoy getting their hands messy in the kitchen. Let them try kneading some dough, or shaping cookies that will give them the hands-on experience.

4. Coordinate a Plan. Let your children help in the meal planning process. Make her decide what to cook, and create a shopping list of which ingredients should be bought. This could be a good time to teach her some tips on how to spot a good item.

5. Art of Taste testing! Allow your child to explore the different ingredients and flavors, and guide them on which to combine to achieve a certain taste in a recipe. 

6. Invest in Kids’ Tools. Make sure to use tools appropriate for your child, this not only ensures their safety but is also a great way for them to learn.

Cooking is an essential life skill that you can teach your children and have them carry for life. By teaching them to cook, you encourage them to expand their creativity by experimenting with different flavors and ingredients that they can apply to whatever they’re working on.

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