Tips and Hacks in Mastering Potty Training Your Kids!

Journey to Potty Training your Kids!

Potty training your kids is not an easy feat, there are days when you think you are all doing good, and there are also times that it will consume your energy. But worry not, because like what they say, there’s no good or bad parenting.

After all, you are the one who knows more about your children. I’ll be providing you with these tips and hacks to make your journey bearable! 

  1. Don’t rush, choose your timing. 

This may vary widely as children have different growth and development, but most of them are ready to potty train between 18 to 24 months, some at 3 years old. You may also start when you see signs that they are ready, such as when they show interest in using the toilet, their diapers staying dry for a long period of time, and communicating discomfort. Also, you as a parent should choose a time when you don’t have major life changes as this may disrupt and lose your focus on the training. Times like moving to a new house, the arrival of a baby, or any stressful periods.

2. Create a positive environment to train.

Choose between using a standalone potty chair and a training seat on your regular toilet chair. Some kids might enjoy the comfort of the large toilet, while others feel more comfortable with potty chairs, especially when they are the ones who choose their design of characters and colors. This is a useful tip since they’ll be excited about using them thus making it less scary. Also, you can stock up on supplies of training pants, wipes, and spare clothes just in case an accident occurs. You never go wrong when you’re prepared!

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  1. Be consistent!

Form a regular schedule, and make practice of regular potty breaks, especially after meals or when your kid wakes up. This helps them get familiar with the routine and know the signal when it’s time to go. Create a chart where you can track their progress. There are times when they might be overwhelmed by things, just remind them and remember not to put pressure because this might cause them not following.

  1. Keep calm and be patient.

This is mostly where most parents lose their cool, especially when swamped. Take a deep breath and deal with accidents smoothly. Avoid scolding and venting out frustration. Accidents are part of the process by which you and your child can learn. Acknowledge their progress and you will see a difference in how they approach things.

  1. Make your journey a fun way to learn both for you and your child.

Know what it is that your child finds interesting and make it a reward, this can be a great motivational factor for them. There are also available entertaining books and videos that you can read and watch together to help your child understand more of the process.

  1. Shifting to nighttime.

Remember that training during daytime and nighttime are different. It’s typical for children to have longer hours staying dry at night. Make use of waterproof sheets for the bed and limit their fluids before bed to at least minimize the chances of the bed getting wet.

  1. Set an example.

Children tend to copy what they see adults doing. Let them see that you are also willing to use the toilet.

  1. Be prepared on-the-go

Invest in a durable potty seat to make use especially when traveling.

  1. Learn when to take a break.

Just like adults, children can be overwhelmed by the shift in their routines, so understand when there is a need for a break and try later on. Don’t be too harsh and take things smoothly.

  1.  Consult professional assistance if necessary.

If your child is having a difficult time or showing signs of medical issues, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance from a healthcare professional. 

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