Emails: Utilizing the use of email alias

Protecting your privacy through email alias

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, there exists a strategic method to navigate your professional correspondence: the use of aliases in email. —a method that offers both practicality and a dash of creativity. So, grab your metaphorical mask, and let’s dive in through email aliases.

1. What is an email alias and its purpose?

Through the primary email account you can create a secondary email alias. It serves as a forwarding mechanism, directing emails sent to the alias to the main inbox of the primary email account. Check out this TikTok video from Jose Cervantes, in which he explains the purpose of an email alias! It is to enhance privacy, security, and organization in online communication. When sending emails using an alias, the recipient sees only the alias address, keeping the primary email address confidential.

Important Note: 

Although email aliases can let you send emails to your alias domain, email recipients may still find your personal Gmail address whenever they look at the email headers.

2. Step-by-Step Process of Setting Your Email Alias

Need help on how to do it? Here is a step-by-step process on how to set up your Email Alias;

Step 1: Generating App password

You first (1) go to your Google Account and on the left side click security. From then on (2) click App passwords and sign in, if you can’t find the App passwords, click 2-Step Verification. (3) Choose Mail and select device > Other. Then (4) generate the name by entering a name for your domain. A 16-character password will be generated from the password box, copy the password and use it for step 2: adding your new send-as (forwarded) account. 

Step 2: Adding the email alias

(1) Go to Gmail, and click settings located at the top right corner. (2) Choose Accounts and import or accounts tab and click “Add another email address”. Then, (3) enter the name of the email alias or the name and add the email address for the alias. Make sure to (4) click “Treat as an alias” and confirm. After confirming, (5) set the SMTP server as and in the Port menu click 587. Next is to (6) make sure that the username field should have the username you’re signed in with, and in the Password field enter the password you copied in Step 1. Lastly, (7) the box for Secured connection using TLS must be confirmed and click Add account.

Step 3: Confirm the Address and change the “From” address

Only two steps for Step 3. First, go to Gmail and click the confirmation link; second, in your message, click the “From” line and choose the address you want it to be sent from.

It’s easier than you thought. Now, here is how to send the email using your new alias.

3. Process of sending an email using Email Alias

First, click on ‘Compose’ to start a new message in your Gmail account.

Second, choose the email alias from which you want to send it, then add your recipient’s email.

Lastly, add the subject, body, and click send. Then you’re good to go!

Seize the opportunity to try these transformative steps and witness the positive impact they can have on your life. Embrace the steps we’ve explored today, and let them guide you toward a more fulfilling usage of your email addresses. 

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