Travel adventures with Girl Dad!

Creating memorable escapades through exploring!

Traveling alone teaches you things that you encounter firsthand, and widens your experience on how to navigate life in a balanced manner of trial and error. What a good way to teach your children early on in their childhood the need to be able to stand up and explore the world out there. Here are some tips and hacks that will allow a more memorable and fun trip with your children.

1. Prepare them for a road trip. Let them have a dynamic experience when traveling. Even visiting the same site at the same time of the year provides circumstances that will challenge our minds. This is why it is also important to hone their skills on how to act on such occasions. Opt for outdoor or nature activities since this increases their opportunity to engage in physical activities that both benefit their mental and physical well-being.

2. Start with establishing the habit of being early when traveling. This teaches them punctuality and benefits from the serenity of being the first one to enjoy the peaceful setting of popular attractions.
3. Encourage a tech-free trip. Children nowadays are inseparable from their gadgets, thus it is wise to implement a tech detox so you can connect deeply and have more meaningful conversations, This fosters your relationship and allows them to be vocal and comfortable sharing your thoughts with you as their parent.

4. Arrange a photo scavenger hunt. Research head-on about the setting you are headed to and make a list of what to capture during the trip. This makes your children engaged and alert during the trip and prevents them from asking the ever-famous line, “Are we there yet?”. 

5. Storytelling on the road! Put your heads together and take turns sharing thoughts to create stories. This sparks their creativity and at the same time, keeps them alive during the trip!

6. Gastro explore! Allow your children to try different foods and always encourage them to at least try it once before declining. Let them experience diverse cultures and decide for themselves! This opens their taste buds to a myriad of flavors without them falling ignorant to the taste that is foreign to them. 

7. Write out that off-road journal! Motivate your children to write. Journaling helps not just to write out their thoughts but also it helps them retain their memory of the trip and travel once again their memory lane. 
8. Search up! Looked up for possible events happening during your trip. Occurring events might be a good scenario for you and your children to enjoy or it could be a disaster. So it is always good to check to know whether to proceed or just postpone your trip.

By incorporating these creative and spontaneous ideas you are not just exploring different places, but also establishing a deeper connection among your children. These GirlDad Hacks will surely make your adventures more memorable and exciting! Go and try them out now and I’ll be happy to read about your experiences in the comment section below.

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