Thanksgiving Treasures!

What are you thankful for? Creating lasting memories this Thanksgiving Season!

Being a girl Dad has no time out! And yes, even on Thanksgiving! Mostly, it is one of the many seasons that highlights family gatherings, what they’re most thankful for throughout the year, which provide opportunities for connection, and though the feast itself is remarkably one of the traditions among the many, it would be nice to explore and incorporate a heartwarming approach to make this event more meaningful and worth remembering.

Here are some ideas you can make use of in embracing the spirit of gratitude this Thanksgiving!

1. Establish a gratitude tree tradition. Start a new tradition within the family wherein each one of you should write the things they are most thankful for that happened within the year on a piece of paper cut out as leaves. Then, have these paper leaves attached to a tree branch which is placed as a centerpiece. Watch it grow with gratitude, especially on the night of your Thanksgiving dinner. 

2. Prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Encourage your children to join in preparing the meals. Aside from quality time out of doing this, by teaching them how to cook, you’ll be able to pass down your family’s ancestors recipes in cooking. Also, a great way to have them know their roots and thank them for the family’s contributions.

3. Volunteer in your local community. Thanksgiving is a time to give back, with any other means you may think and use, like hosting a charity event, engaging in a food drive, serving meals, and such.

4. Photo Collage! Every moment is fleeting, and pictures help to capture such heartfelt seconds together with your family. Document and make a collage or a scrapbook each year and reminisce together as the years go by.

5. Write a letter. With the rise of different platforms wherein messaging and communication have been so easy, thank you cards and letters are often forgotten. Texting or messaging is good, but there is always something about penning a letter of heartfelt gratitude that touches the hearts of the receiver.

Overall, no matter what tradition you celebrate during this season, the most important thing is to be able to practice gratitude all the time and instill this value.

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