Non-skid for a Slide-free Play!

Safety Tips: Make Your Own Non-Slid Socks!

Children can be really playful and put themselves at risk in many ways! Especially when they like to embark on different adventures, and when they embark, they do it in the most exciting manner they can think of! (Sounds quite dangerous, right?) Because as much as this excitement can widen their imagination, it can also lead to slips and falls, especially on smooth surfaces like tile floors, shiny wood, and the like.

To ensure their safety in a hazardous environment like this, here’s a helpful hack for you! Introducing Skid-free socks with the use of slick paint! With these socks, no more worries about them falling because of slippery floors!

Not only is this hack budget-friendly, but it can also be a bonding experience between you and your children while at it!

And to prepare for it, you will just need these simple materials!

  1. Plain socks in your child’s size.
  2. Slick paint or any fabric paint will do (make sure it is nontoxic!).
  3. Paintbrush or applicator bottle (for easy squeezing of the paint).
  4. Cardboard (to protect your floors and tables from the paint!).

Now you just have to prepare your workstation and begin all the painting and squeezing! You can even customize the sock’s design according to your kid’s liking. 

Now you were able to bond and spend time with your kids while being productive and ensuring their safety when playing!

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