Block iMessages on your Macbook

Learn how to block iMessages on your Macbook after they still show up after blocking them on your iPhone. For the Karens in your life.

Every person in the world is connected by 6 degrees of separation.  That means, you know someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows someone, that knows any person in the world.  That’s a lot of people.

Some of those people may be the dreaded Karens that we have all seen videos of.  Or maybe its that one racist friend.  Or the stalker ex that keeps trying to contact you.  There are a lot of reasons that can make you want to block a person from contacting you.

Picture of someone holding an iPhone in their hand
It is easy to block people on the phone

Easy to block iMessages on the iPhone

Now, it is a pretty easy process on your iPhone. Select the number you want to block either in the recent calls or in your contacts app. Then scroll down and select block this contact. This number will no longer be able to contact you.

Broken process to block iMessages on the Mac

The problem is that these messages still show up if you have iMessage enabled in on your Macbook. The current instructions on the internet are to go to top menu and select Messages > Preferences and under the iMessage tab click the “Blocked” button and then click the “+” button to add a contact or number. If you found this post, it probably means you have already tried it and like many others including myself, it doesn’t work. Nothing gets added and messages still get through. This is something Apple needs to fix but has not gotten to yet.

Picture of Macbook laptop computer next to an iPhone
Blocking contacts on iMessage on the Mac is different from the phone and currently not working correctly.

GirlDad Hack – Use Facetime to block

Good thing is that GirlDad has found a hack. Go to the Facetime app on the Macbook. Type the contact name in the search bar, hit enter once you pick the correct one. If its not a contact, you can simply type in the full number you want to block and hit enter. Right click the contact and select “Block this Caller”.

VOILA – this contact is now in the blocked list under iMessage as well. You just learned how to block iMessages on your Macbook.

Life is too short to have so many negative people around.

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