Extracting Hard Copy Data to Excel with Your iPhone!

Excel Hack to save you from re-typing all these data!

It can be tedious when you need to manually transfer data from a hard copy to your device, right? Imagine re-typing all of those since you only have the hard copy. But we got you! Try this Excel hack from Chandoo (2022) to help you save hours and make your work efficient!

We will be having two approaches to this hack and you’ll just get to choose what works with you the best!

For the first hack, you just need to install the free Excel app on your phone, open and look for the “scan table options”, then place your document properly where you can capture everything that should be in the Excel. After that, you can extract the table and review it. Also, Excel provides an indicator to any tabs that need reviewing because of some disruptions on the hard copy, so you won’t have to review them all! And that’s it, your file is now on Excel, you can now continue editing there or scan another copy to add to the list.

Data from hard copy to digital

But this only works effectively when you’re dealing with a little to a few documents, but how about if there are fifty or hundreds of them? Well if you have a scanner with a built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) facility, that shouldn’t be a problem! This feature allows you to scan the document smoothly just like with your iPhone, you just got to click the scan button on every page and you’re good to go!

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