Chill Out with Popsicles!

Sun is out, summer is in!

We all know that one of the best refreshments for kids during this moment is a popsicle!

Children are naturally attracted to colors, and a popsicle has its way of luring them with its fun colors and delighting their taste buds. However, we all know how a single popsicle can be a total disaster! From a single stick leaving everything with a sticky and sweet aftermath. And it’s not always easy to go after the mess especially when you are dealing with not just one, but two, or three, or more kids.

But fret not! Because this hack will help not just you but also your kids to enjoy their favorite refreshments without having to worry about a clean-up right after.

The solution to your problem? An INVERTED COFFEE CUP COVER!

Simply flip the cup cover and fit the popsicle stick into the hole. That way, the cup cover catches the drips preventing them to go directly to your children’s tiny hands!

But if you’re an artsy-craftsy person and know how to crochet, you can make this popsicle sock out of yarn! Come check this video from Jonna Martinez on “How to Crochet a Popsicle Sock”.

Now everyone can enjoy while your kids are having their own refreshments!

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