Bike Adventures: Transforming Your Little One’s Rides

Girl Dad’s Guide to Bike Adventures with a Hockey Stick

As a Girl Dad, the joy of bonding with your little girls knows no bounds, name every precious little adventure, and you can’t get enough of it! Time flies, one day you’re just teaching them how to make their first step, and in a swift moment, you are already out there teaching them how to ride their bike! It’s not easy for every parent to teach their youngsters, so let me share some tips and hacks with you to make this moment worth cherishing!

1. Let’s unleash the magic of the Hockey Stick! Got a hockey stick stocked in your garage? Make use of it as a trainer for your little kiddo’s bike training! How to do it? You simply need duct tape, your hockey sticks, and of course the bicycle! Just tape the hockey stick properly to the bicycle’s body, this way you won’t need those extra tires from the stabilizers and it gives more assurance to your kids that you have their back, literally. Just make sure it is securely attached to the bike and you’re good to go!

Check out this TikTok video from Janelle and Kate for you to picture it out better!

2. Another hack that you can make use of is to use a towel! It’s way a lot cheaper than buying a hockey stick if you don’t have it, right? All you have to do is simply wrap it around your kid’s chest and make a grip from the back to serve as a harness. This way you can run along as they kick that pedal off and slowly loosen when they’re able to make it on their own.

Also, check out this video from Brian Mazza on TikTok for your reference!

Most importantly, have your kids gear up before practicing, and even after learning how to ride their bike. Accidents, as we all know are inevitable, which is why it is necessary to take precautions to minimize impact. You might be able to prevent crashes from happening during the early stages of your kids riding a bike, nevertheless, do know that it’s inevitable! But fret not because this is only part of their learning on how to maneuver those wheels and bring them experiences to know better!

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