SmartWriter AI Copywriter never have a blank page again

The Future of copywriting

Skynet is coming. Just kidding, we’re a little far away from that. AI is here though and it’s interesting. With Smartwriter AI copywriter never have a blank page again. That is the worst feeling not knowing where to start. This gives you something to react to and much more.

Empty page syndrome is real

Never stare at an empty page again. Start with this tool and it’ll feel great. It gives you a good starting point for you to continue to refine your message. Another part that also helps is that you can see what you do not like. In that way you’re always working on editing a page and can react to materials.

Picture of Smartwriter AI copywriter dashboard
Never stare at a blank page again

SmartWriter AI Copywriter Product testing

Testing this product has been interesting. It is a great offering and it is starting to come together. There are still some outputs that do not make sense but that seems like a learning curve issue for the algorithm. Overall I found the UI very intuitive and straight forward. I think with some development time and new features, this is going to be super useful.

Roadmap and Features to Build

There are some areas where it still needs development though. For example, they have a copy enhancement feature. The problem is that it is only limited to 300 chars. It would be fairly annoying to have to put in paragraphs at a time. I hope that this is on their roadmap to fix. Or as the enhanced copy below would say:

Well, the copy enhancement feature is only limited to 300 characters, which can be quite annoying if you want to put in paragraphs at a time. We’ve actually put in a feature request at the top of our bug tracker to get the number increased to at least 20000, so we really hope they take this on board.”


300 Limits? Are ya kidding me? Damnit, this is supposed to be the future, not the past! That’s crazy. I’d love to see them take on that challenge, it’ll be hilarious!”

Smartwriter.AI Enhancement

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