Breville Barista Pro Review

Perfect for those willing to put in a bit of effort for the ideal shot.

This Breville Barista Pro delivers superb espresso, proficient steam, and integrated grinding, a premier all-in-one machine.

Experience third-wave specialty coffee at home with the Breville Barista Pro. This sleek Barista Series addition combines a grinder and espresso maker for unmatched convenience, brewing espresso in under a minute.

Engineered for perfection: precise grinding, temperature control, water pressure, and microfoam creation for latte art. With a simple touch, unlock the 4 Keys Formula employed by professional café machines, simplifying specialty coffee-making. ThermoJet® heats to perfect extraction in 3 seconds, no wait for your perfect coffee. It conserves energy, reducing consumption by up to 32% annually compared to traditional Thermoblock heating systems. (*Disclaimer: Based on internal benchmark testing as of November 2022.)

Automate your grind and dose process with the integrated conical burr grinder featuring 30 grind settings. With just a touch, ensure the perfect amount of coffee is dispensed on demand, guaranteeing maximum flavor extraction every time.

Savor the artistry of espresso perfection: initiate with a low-pressure pre-infusion, laying the foundation for a velvety, caramel-hued espresso. This indulgent journey ascends with a high-pressure (9 bar) extraction, meticulously guided by our 15-bar Italian pump. Master the art of crafting artisanal microfoam effortlessly with our powerful steam wands. Engineered for rapid transformation, creating luxuriously velvety microfoam, ideal for intricate latte art designs.

Streamlined and user-friendly, our intuitive interface offers precise volumetric shot control, ensuring every espresso extraction is flawless. Effortlessly access vital information to attain personalized espresso perfection, whether selecting 1 or 2 shots or engaging manual control.

Say farewell to cluttered countertops as you embrace our Dosing Funnel™ attachment, meticulously crafted to minimize waste and spills throughout the grinding and tamping processes. Crafted from BPA-free materials and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, this accessory ensures a tidy espresso-making experience. Reduce mess and waste effortlessly with this essential addition to your coffee routine.

Upgrade your home brewing game with the Breville Barista Pro! This sleek machine offers third-wave specialty coffee, boasting superb espresso, proficient steam, and integrated grinding—all in one. Say goodbye to waiting with its rapid ThermoJet® heating system and energy-saving features. Enjoy effortless crafting of your ideal espresso with automated processes and precise shot control. Plus, convenience and cleanliness are prioritized with the intuitive interface and Dosing Funnel™ attachment. Don’t hesitate—indulge yourself today!

GirlDad’s Breville Barista Pro review is a big thumbs up for your kitchen.

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