Sleeping Battles: Hacks for a Peaceful Slumber

Challenge no more for bedtime moments!

Putting the kids to sleep is one of the struggles of most parents. Especially when their children are at the age where everything seems to be an adventure, and sleeping might let them miss out on a lot of things! When this happens, a new battle arena is set between you and your kids, but you could turn this overall chaos into a wonderful bedtime routine to spend some time with them and let them feel they’ll still enjoy themselves before going to bed.

Here are some tips and tricks to let them enjoy and feel safe before going to bed and ensure a good night’s sleep!

1. Create or look for a lullaby playlist. The environment plays a great part in how they react to their surroundings. So having a calm and soothing playlist of lullabies will help their body to transition from being active to a restful state. If you know a thing or two about instruments, you can make use of your recordings to make them feel that you’re with them even if it’s just recorded, this instills familiarity in them that connects you both. You can also just gather beautiful instrumental renditions of lullabies available online and make use of them.

2. Get them in their pj’s! Freshen up before going to bed and allow them to choose the pajamas of their choice. This simple activity adds to their routine and creates a positive outlook in prepping before bedtime, allowing a smooth transition to prevent unnecessary whining. Also, adding this to their routine disciplines themselves to rub off the dirt they have accumulated throughout the day and ensure cleanliness in bed to avoid sickness.

3. Story adventures! Let them engage in interactive storytelling where they get to take part in the story. This widens their imagination and allows them to participate, making it an exciting activity before bed rather than just a chore that will bore them. 

4. Good night rituals. You can teach them positive affirmations as part of their bedtime routine. This helps boost their self-esteem and be optimistic, leaving a positive impact as they calm their minds to sleep.

5. Let them drift into the wonderland. Set the mood. Most children are afraid of the dark which can lead them to sleep in discomfort. One way you could slowly introduce them into dimmer surroundings when sleeping rather than just turning off the lights is to make use of lamps or even ceiling projectors, this way they won’t be able to notice the room getting darker as they’ll be left in awe and appreciate more the surroundings. Check out this star-lit projector, and cute unicorn night light. To start the winter season, you might want to check out this winter-inspired bedside lamp!

Through these GirlDad hacks, you’ll be able to transform your nightly struggle into a more meaningful bond between you and your children that fosters a healthy relationship. You’re not just simply putting them to sleep, but rather, building moments that they could cherish for a lifetime.

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