Kids Summertime Fun!

Exploring different escapades this summer with the kids!


Summertime is absolutely the best time for your kids! School’s out, and they have all their time to go on different summer adventures. As kids start to grow out of their curiosity and want to try different things out of their comfort zone, it is important for parents to think of activities that will definitely make the most of their time!

After all, quality time is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Though there are indoor activities you can make the most of, being outside will give your children more experiences and adventures! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to protect them from the sun’s heat. You don’t want them to get sunburned, right?

You can purchase many good sunscreens online and even at the markets near you, but you should always keep your and your kids’ skin condition in mind. Always try a patch test before applying it all over their skin. Here are the top two recommended sunscreens for kids that you can buy: Blue Lizard Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50, which provides 80 minutes of water and sweat resistance. Another is the Banana Boat Kids 100% Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, also with SPF 50 and 80 minutes of water and sweat resistance. This is best for kids with sensitive skin. Check them out now!

As for the Girldads out there, you can try this new Anti-Aging Day Cream from Blue Rhino!

Now going back! Here are some outdoor activities that you might want to try with your kids this summer! It’s a good time to let your kids experience different sports at a young age. Not only will it help them to be active, but it might also help them determine which sport they would like to pursue in the following years. Some might not directly follow it, but it can also be a good start for them to widen their experience. 

1. The first on the list will be swimming!

This one is a lifesaver! If your kid is fond of water, you will not have a hard time putting them in one because they’ll magically jump in when they’re excited about it. But it is also normal to see kids being terrified of it but with some patience and training, they’ll be able to make it! It’s also best to enroll in parent-and-child swimming lessons especially when you’re dealing with babies to ensure you and your child’s safety. Optimal age for a baby to start is said to be around 6 months and they learn in an average of 1 year with consistent swimming lessons.

2. Next on the list is Badminton!

This is best to train your little ones! Not only it is beneficial to their physical well-being but also to their psychological development. It allows them to work on their different skill set and at the same time socialize with the other kids. Shop for a pair of rackets today for your kids to enjoy!

3. Kite flying

Have you tried building a kite? This is also a good activity to spend time with your kids, for you don’t only get to enjoy flying a kite but also building one! Aside from bonding it is also a good source where they can develop their problem-solving skills for they get to learn how to keep their kites flying, but it can also be really difficult when the wind is too strong or if there’s little to no wind, so it’s best to pick a time within the day when the breeze is just right to best help your children.

You may check out this step-by-step video from wikiHow (2020) to learn how to make a kite!

4. Fishing

We all know how a child’s attention span can be really short, and it gets shorter, especially in this digital era. One way you can help your kids is to provide them with activities that would draw them away from the use of digital technologies. And another good activity that could help them from this is fishing! Children do not just learn how to fish for themselves but it will also teach them values. As they wait for the fish to bite on their bait, they are learning the virtue of patience which could really help them even in other aspects of life, especially as they grow older. 

Shop for your quality fishing gear here!

5. Balls!

You can never be left behind when using balls in a fun activity with your kids!

There are lots of games in which we can make use of it, may that be dodge balls, kick balls, catch balls, pool balls, and a lot to mention! You can’t just go wrong with them! Aside from easily catching the attention of these young children, they’re also fun and light to play with.

Check out which type of balls would best suit your children to play with this summer!

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