The DB Method Review

girlMom and The DB Method Review

Let me tell you a little bit about me and my butt:  It’s never been great and has been pretty flat—and that was the story right up until I had my first child.  Now it’s big and flat. Enter The DB Method and my review

It could be because I really enjoy sleeping in pretty much every day or maybe because I’ve never particularly enjoyed exercising. I’ve grown to enjoy breaking a sweat once in a while, but it’s something I do to be active and healthy, not to look better.

That said, when my husband told me to try out The DB Method, the at-home squat machine designed to help you get a Dream Butt, I immediately yelled at him.  Then I learned more about it since he mentioned that the Kardashians use this machine as well.  What ultimately changed my mind is the fact that I could work out in our apartment without having to make a special trip to the gym.  Let’s face it, with this little monster, ummm little angel running around, who has the time.

How it works

The DB Method machines shifts your weight into your butt so you focus your work out there

The DB Method is really a machine that is designed to help into the proper form for a squat.  You hold on to the handle grips, put your heels on the footrests, put your butt no the seat guide, bend your knees to squat back, while engaging your core to maintain good posture. Unlike regular squats, this machine has a tension rod that provides resistance and also guides your butt so that you don’t fall straight back. By pointing your toes up and having handles for balance, you can now shift your weight from your quads to your butt so your glutes take over and all of the action is focused where you want it.  As an added bonus: According to the brand, this modified squat puts less pressure on your knees and back than a traditional squat and helps reduce the risk of strains.

I decided to try the machine for the 10 minutes a day that the website markets. Only for a month to see for myself whether it works.  They even have a 1-month free trial for their phone app and the majority of the workouts are about ten minutes long.  

I feel like I mastered the fundamentals, through their “Feel the Shift” program that is a mix of intro / form videos, and challenges that gradually increased in difficulty.  After that I tried some of the other classes and found lots of other movements that helped me feel more like myself after the baby. Although the machine was designed to help you with the perfect squat, you can actually do other exercises with it so I feel like it justifies the price I paid for the machine. Its also why I wrote this DB Method review.

What I Liked – Good stuff in The DB Method Review

Even as busy Mom, I felt like the moves are simple enough even for amateurs like me.

You definitely don’t have to be a cross-fit maniac or have a fitness instructor to use The DB Method. I’m as far away from that as you can get, and I still saw tons of benefit.  You just sit on the seat, bend your knees, and push through your heels on the way up and that’s it.  It really is just that easy.

Now that’s the core move.  Some of the more advanced stuff in the workout app is still very challenging for me.  I look at that as something that I can work towards.

The DB Method machine lets you go at your level

The best part about this machine is that it adjusts to your movement and provides the right amount of resistance for all of them:  A deep full-range squat is very different than high range pulses but the tension rod makes you work no matter the range.

It really is just 10 minutes a day

Maybe I’ve been doing them wrong this whole time but when I do regular squats, I just don’t feel it in my butt.  Even if that’s true, right now, I really don’t care.  Can you fine tune your your body to do a basic squat the right way to feel it in your glutes? Sure.  Who has the time for that, with this machine, I jump on in the morning before getting my little angel gets up and 10 minutes later, I feel like I’ve already accomplished something. 

I don’t commit to lunch with a friend the next day because, as all parents know, there is just too much to do.  Because of that, a 30-day challenge sounded crazy.  Here’s the trick.  Some non-parents might be able commit to longer workouts, have time to watch an entire TV episode while they are at it.  Me?  I do my ten minutes a day and it worked just fine.

It’s easy to put away

Girl storing a folded DB Method machine under a sofa
Easy to fold down and store

If you live in a huge house with room dedicated to everything including a workout room, good for you. I live in an apartment with my family and let’s face it.  Kids take up too much space with all of their stuff.  This machine folds down flat enough that I can roll it right under my bed after I’m done.  It takes two screws and a pin to assemble and disassemble.  I have it up or down in 37 seconds flat.  Okay, sometimes I take my time and it’s a minute or two.

What I Didn’t Like – Bad stuff in The DB Method Review

You get SORE

After the two days, I could barely walk.  At one point, my husband had to roll me out of bed.  I had trouble getting in and out of chairs.  Going up or down the stairs was torture. It took about a week or two before got used to it and felt like I got stronger.  Slowly the soreness went away but if you don’t like feeling your butt muscles working then maybe this machine isn’t for you.

You get a little bored

After 30 days of squats every day, it got repetitive. Honestly, it started getting easy and became more of a chore than a workout.  Maybe it was because it got easier, it just didn’t feel like a challenge anymore. I like to think it’s because I got stronger (and I definitely did).

The verdict?

Buy it.  This is hard for me to admit, especially since I gave my husband an earful when he first brought it up, but the machine works.  3000+ 5-star reviews back me up on that front.  It’s not just that my butt has never looked better, I also feel so much stronger and have so much more energy.  Maybe I could have gotten these results just by going to the gym more.  I just don’t have the time for that.  This machine allowed me to get a butt I feel great about right at home in 10 minutes a day.  All with a toddler running around all day long.

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