Anker 313 Power Bank Review

Your sleek, pocket-friendly solution to staying charged on the go.

With a hefty 10000mAh capacity, this portable charger keeps your devices powered for extended periods, capable of recharging your phone up to three times and most tablets once.

The Anker 313 features advanced charging technology like PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, ensuring optimized charging speeds of up to 2.4A for lightning-fast replenishment. Its intelligent design also incorporates a trickle-charging mode, which is ideal for efficiently powering low-energy devices without unnecessarily draining power. Moreover, this feature ensures optimal energy utilization for extended device longevity.

Uncompromising Quality: The PowerCore Slim 10000 is built with adventure-tier toughness, guaranteeing durability and scratch resistance to endure your dynamic lifestyle. From its rugged exterior to its premium internal components, it embodies excellence in every aspect of its design.

Streamlined Form, Substantial Power: Embrace portability without sacrificing performance with our PowerCore Slim. Remarkably slender and lightweight, it stands as one of the sleekest 10,000mAh portable chargers available. Enjoy extended usage freedom with 2.25 charges for iPhone 12, 1.6 charges for Galaxy S20, and 1.2 charges for iPad mini 5.

Please note that you cannot use the two input ports simultaneously. Furthermore, the USB-C input port serves exclusively for recharging and does not support output functionality.

Versatile Charging: With Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, our charger delivers a customized charge of up to 12W, tailored to your device’s needs. Whether you’re juicing up a smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets, rest assured it’s getting the optimal power delivery.

Elevated Safety Standards: Experience peace of mind with Anker’s advanced multi-protection safety system. From safeguards guarantee utmost safety, shielding against overcharging, short circuits, and regulating temperature for you and your devices.

Inclusive Package: Your PowerCore Slim 10000 portable charger comes complete with a Micro USB cable for charging the power bank. Please note that USB-C and Lightning cables are not included in the package.
With your purchase, you’ll get a welcome guide, an 18-month warranty, and access to our friendly customer service team.

Crafted for portability, this power bank weighs just half a pound, perfect for both work and travel. Stay connected and powered up with the Anker 313 Power Bank.

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